At Quest Research, we love science and technology. We love it so much that we've built an entire business dedicated to it.

Borne out of a growing demand for organisations to have executive search like precision for non-executive roles, we work towards uncovering the passive market to help identify the best talent in the industry.

We blend world-class online sourcing techniques with traditional phone-based research methods to develop talent maps based on your key competitors and other peripheral organisations. The result is that you can make data-driven hiring decisions based on actual market intelligence and who's really out there.

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Our services

Looking at strategic sourcing for a Leadership position, hard-to-fill role or niche skill set? We offer a range of talent solutions and bespoke services to meet your recruitment needs.

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Talent pooling

Forewarned. Forearmed. Proactive talent pipelining.

Build real-time succession plans for your business critical roles or use this for recurring positions with niche skill sets that typically have long time-to-fill timeframes.

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Talent mapping

Methodical. Exhaustive. Research and Sourcing.

Get a visible cross-section of your market to enable you to make the right hiring decisions based on actual market intel. Strategic sourcing in its purest form.

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Search Services

Research expertise. Full end-to-end service.

For when you need the full service search solution for your leadership or specialist roles. Managed as an end-to-end project complete with milestones at every stage of the recruitment process.

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Strategic Outsourced Sourcing (SOS)

Research and Sourcing. On/off-site. On tap.

Have a dedicated Researcher service your organisation's talent needs or build a sourcing function with access to additional resources as required. On-site or off-site solutions available.

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Bespoke Services

Agile. Solutions oriented. Meeting your needs.

For those instances when you have an unconventional talent problem. We develop custom solutions and can partner with other service providers to cater to your needs.

Bespoke services

"To give real service you must add something that cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

- Douglas Adams

About us

Quest Research aims to break away from traditional recruitment strategies to bring you the best and the brightest.

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Not getting the results you need from the same old recruitment channels: job ads, the internal database or personal networks?

Coming from industry, we know that recruitment agencies work towards a monthly revenue target and prioritise high value roles and those with quick wins. We believe that this approach does not work particularly well for those more challenging positions that require a little more effort.

Quest Research is at the forefront of search in today's information rich society. We take a proactive approach in identifying the right types of people using the best possible approach and technologies available for your specific role.

Imagine if you had full visibility into your target market and you were able to reach in and pick out the best in the industry for your talent needs.

Passive talent

A recent study estimated that the number of full-time employable candidates represented by recruitment agencies and those targeted by print and online advertisements make up only 18% of all potentially suitable full-time candidates. We specialise in sourcing passive talent and focus on proactively identifying and connecting with the other 60% of interested candidates.

Chart showing passive candidates

Data from LinkedIn & Adler Group Survey, Sep 2010

A fresh start

It's no secret that we begin every search without any names on 'our books'. That's why it's no surprise that you don't get a recycled list of candidates. Every solution is unique, based on your requirements and the current market. We pride ourselves on working on every research project from scratch so as to take an unbiased approach to identifying what is required and then finding that elusive candidate.

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Unbundled service

Quest Research is a solutions enabler which offer services that simply makes sense. Why outsource a full service recruitment or executive search function when you already have the internal processes in place to do half the work? Why not outsource only the key areas you actually need help with so you get what you really need, not what you don't want.

Our team

We at Quest Research believe that people are the lifeblood of our business: Our customers, the talent we identify and our team.

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Ken Hew


Ken has over 7 years experience as a search specialist. He was a foundation member of the research team at the Xpand Group, one of Australia's highest award winning recruitment and executive search firms. Ken is proud to have worked with world leading science organisations and some of Australia's largest businesses. He is passionate about Research and is active in the Australian Sourcing community.

Ken Hew, Director

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If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact us and we'll get back to you shortly.